SKARE "Solstice City"

It makes some great nocturnal scary listening session   VITAL WEEKLY 669
...for fans of minimalist ambient music it's a trip worth taking   REGEN MAGAZINE

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Skare is the collaboration of Mathias Josefson (Moljebka Pvlse), Fredrik Olofsson and Per Åhlund. The members of Skare are all fascinated by the circulation of water, snow and ice. The metamorphosis from gas to floating liquid to snow to solid ice through freezing, the light reflecting from the snow and filtered through the ice as a prisma and - most of all - the sound of this ever ongoing circle.

Skare's first album, Solstice City, is an interpretation of a journey through a shifting landscape where the city meets nature. Departing from a distant and foreign shore, the traveller embarks a ship, uncertain of his destination. This prelude, introduced vividly in "To the other shore", releases this pilgrim to further explore yet unchartered territories. Leaving all man-made conventions, the second track "Through Wind and Broken Ice" takes us where the city imitates nature. Finally, a factory appears in the whiteout; a place where angels are manufactured as presented in the final track "The Snow Angel Factory"...The vehicles used by Skare on this journey are field recordings, found sounds and treated and manipulated instruments.

1.To The Other Shore[3.14]
2.Through Wind And Broken Ice[20.49]
3. The Snow Angel Factory[26.35]

All sound material has been digitally processed and arranged at Studio 3, EMS in Stockholm, Sweden, 2006

A Glacial Movements Records release, February 2009.
All right reserved.


Lull "Like a slow river"

It’s the aural equivalent of standing on a hill, listening to the sound of the wind, looking out across a bleak, barren landscape   CYCLIC DEFROST
Harris maintains a fine and carefully measured balance between stasis and movement, as well as between the frightening and the consoling   TOKAFY

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"After a long period of silence, Glacial Movements Records is glad to announce you the return of the most important representative of ambient isolationist music ever: the wonderful English artist Mick J. Harris aka LULL (Scorn, Painkiller, Napalm Death). Unquestionable genius of the last century's second half European music and point of reference about the rising isolationist aesthetics, being on the same wavelength as post-rock last scenaries.

"Like a slow river" it's a work characterized by sharp and minimal atmospheres but also dark, cold and huge such as big bodies of ice which slowly move carried by an endless river. The five compositions of "Like a slow river" reach the high expectations of the previous works such as "Cold Summer", "Continue" and the "Murder Ballads" trilogy with Martin Bates. With no doubt, this is the coldest and darkest work ever composed by this pioneer of industrial-ambient music. You all will be led to the oblivion of your existence....the freezing darkness of these glacial night is going to come down on your bodies and minds....you'll fall in your deepest sleep with the far echo of glacial runnings....the way to eternity is in front of you.....
LULL is Back!"

1. Whiteout  (14:30)
2. The sheet  (14:37)
3. Like a slow river  (14:02)
4. Treeless grounds  (12:25)
5. Illusion of unbroken surface  (04:31)
Created and Mixed by M.J. Harris February/March 2008 for Glacial Movements Records - All right reserved
Cat.number  GM004
Format  CD 6 panels digipack
Photo by Bjarne Riesto
Graphic solution and artwork by Oleg (Tantric Harmonies)


Oophoi "An aerial view"

This is shatteringly beautiful, scintillatingly frozen, and stunningly magnificent ambience   BRAINWASHED
the artist attempts to capture the “abyssal silence” of the Ice Age in sound and on that count it succeeds very well indeed   TEXTURA

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"When I’ve been asked to describe the Ice Age with an uninterrupted drone, I knew I wanted to avoid the cliches of the genre: dark rumblings, massive low frequencies, cold atmospheres. I had to describe with sounds the white landscape, the blinding light reflected by the frozen oceans, the abyssal silence.I have imagined myself in flight over this Sleeping Earth, a solitary winged-being surrounded by winds, air, water and ice. This led me to compose an airy drone with minimal variations and delicate tones, an hommage to a pure, incontaminated and remote land.

Oophoi, winter 2007"

1. An aerial view - (65:07)


Rapoon "Time Frost"

Certainly the best thing this relatively new label has released thus far & one of the ambient highlights of this year   MUSIQUE MACHINE
highly highly recommened, and if theres any justice, this will be on a few end of year 'best of' lists next year   ROUGH TRADE SHOP

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"One of the predicted swings in the weather due to global warming is paradoxically a new ice age which could envelope Europe. Time Frost is music based upon this concept and uses tiny fragments of music from an iconic European composition, Johann Strauss's Blue Danube. I imagined that tiny pieces of former cultures survived locked in the ice and waiting for future archaeologists to discover and interpret them.I used vinyl lock grooves of the Blue Danube (from the 1968 MGM recording for the film soundtrack 2001 ) These formed the starting points for the five compositions in Time Frost which were then manipulated and added to and re-arranged into new compositions. Time Frost is an imaginary recording of the mutational process of sound locked into ice and transformed over millenia. Like ghosts of music trapped in an evershifting permafrost.

Robin Storey, August 2007"

1. Glacial Danube (06:08)
2. Thin Light (06:13)
3. A Darkness of Snow (06:51)
4. Horizon discrete (05:36)
5. Ice Whispers (34:18)

Mixed and composed by Rapoon (Robin Storey), July 2007
Cover Photo "A cold by the sea" by Bjarne Riesto
Graphic solution and artwork by Alessandra Clini


VV.AA. "Cryosphere"

Essential for the drone inclines among you as well as fans of all things dark and ambient   AQUARIUS RECORDS
The music is quietly epic while exquisitely bleak, and crafts a fascinating and integrated sound picture   STAR'S END RADIO

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"Cryosphere is a remarkably cohesive and well-sequenced collection of dark-but-diamantine ambient music that is best suited for contemplative headphone settings. Alternating between the cinematic and the claustrophobic, these pieces, if they don’t trigger a mild case of cabin fever, will transport the listener to a vast, otherworldly wilderness of snow and frozen wastes, rich in atmosphere and impressive to behold. By TINY MIX TAPES"

"Put simply, Cryosphere is an indisputably polished collection of ‘arctic ambient' works that's tailor-made for devotees of isolationist works issued by Thomas Köner, Main, and Biosphere and featured on the 1994 Virgin compilation Ambient 4: Isolationism.By TEXTURA"

"Cryosphere is an interesting album in that it is primarily a serene well-crafted compilation of floating ambient tracks but there is also an almost hidden dark undercurrent of impending terror. It is almost like an expedition to a remote polar wasteland that is being stalked by danger unknown. A slightly sinister tone underlies the tracks as if watching and waiting for an opportunity to reveal itself. In that respect it is very cinematic and atmospheric, adding hidden depth to the justly tagged "glacial and isolationist" nature of the music. By IGLOO MAG"

1. CLOSING THE ETERNITY : Pulse of Iceilance (07:56)
2. NORTHAUNT : Crocker Land (06:10)
3. THO-SO-AA : Cryotesk (09:33)
4. LIGHTWAVE : Proxima Thule (08:58)
5. TUU : Silent Writing (07:26)
6. TROUM : Giascei (11:57)
7. AIDAN BAKER : Beneath the Ice (10:16)
8. NETHERWORLD : Kryos (10:14)
9. OOPHOI : Cold Sun (06:50)

released 04 January 2013



...like these sounds have been forged in the overcast wilds of nature away from human influence, particularly effective when he drifts between concord and discord on the chiling ‘High Tide’. NORMAN RECORDS

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Yair Elazar Glotman is a musician and sound artist living and working in Berlin. His focus is on experimental electroacoustic composition, sound installations and sound sculptures. In addition, he works as a sound designer and composer for film, dance and video art.

His education includes Classical Double-Bass, electroacoustic composition and Art and Media studies, where he explored the gap between sound art and contemporary music.
His work has been played at various sound venues including ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, LEAP Gallery, NK and FEED Soundspace.
This album is a journey through the arctic gulfs in the north seas . Electro-acoustic composition aiming to find a delicate balance between digital processing and analog electronics, with acoustic instruments and real-world field recordings.
Tracks Listing:
1] Sunken Anchor (05:14)
2] Khaypudyr Bay (09:05)
3] High Tide (08:59)   
4] Low Tide (11:15)   
5] Kara Sea (05:59)    
6] Home Port (07:24)

All songs composed and recorded by Yair Elazar Glotman © 2013
Mastered by Austin Stone
Dedicated to Adela Yawitz
A Glacial Movements Records release, April 2014
All rights reserved


MACHINEFABRIEK "Stillness Soundtracks"

...if you give it the right amount of room and listen closely it really does take you to a different state of mind through its sheer musical beauty. DMC WORLD MAG

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Trained as a graphic designer, Rotterdam's Rutger Zuydervelt started releasing as Machinefabriek in 2004. In 2006 he released his first official full length album, 'Marijn', which was voted by the Wire as one of that years bests electronica albums. Since then, his discography expended rapidly, releasing on international labels such as 12K, Staalpaat, Important, Experimedia, Type, Home Normal, Dekorder and Glacial Movements. His improvised live performances has seen stages across the globe, including Japan, Canada, Russia en Israel.Besides making albums and playing gigs, Zuydervelt regularly works with film makers and choreographers, as well as producing on installations.

" When Esther Kokmeijer approached me with the idea of making the scores for a series of short films she was working on, I didn't hesitate. Having seen a lot of her photography, I immediately knew how inspiring the footage she shot in Antarctica and Greenland would be. And this expectation proved to be correct. In quite a short period (we had set a deadline, to show the result at an open studio date) we swapped sketches and edits of the videos and audio, until the combinations felt perfect.The 'Stillness' films aren't documentaries in the sense that they tell a clear story. We're seeing the Arctic through Esther's eyes, slowly passing giant icebergs and simply being amazed be the impressive and seemingly endless landscape. While in other films it's mostly the other way around, in 'Stillness' the narrative, if there is any, comes from the music. When making these soundtracks, the idea was to guide the viewer through the images with a sense of abstract story telling. Instead of the original first thought of making dark, cold soundscapes, the bleak mountains of ice are now colored by lush arrangements and even quite romantic themes. Esther and I released the videos on a usb-stick, in a limited edition of 100, that was sold out in no time. Now the scores are presented on 'Stillness Soundtracks', including two exclusive tracks. It speaks for itself that there's no better label to release this then the Glacial Movements label, so I couldn't be happier. " Rutger Zuydervelt, April 2014.
Tracks Listing:
1] (Chinstrap)
2] Stillness #1 (The FRAM, Greenland)
3] Stillness #2 (Ilulissat, Greenland)
4] Stillness #3 (The Protector, Antarctica)
5] (Chinstrap)    
6] Stillness #4 (Yalour Islands, Antarctica)
7] Stillness #5 (Lemair Channel, Antarctica)

A Glacial Movements records release, June 2014. All rights reserved