Glacial Movements is an Italian record label founded and curated by Alessandro Tedeschi aka Netherworld, and specialized in ambient and electronic arctic soundscapes.

Places that man has forgotten...icy landscapes...fields of flowers covered eternally with ice... Icebergs colliding amongst themselves... The boreal dawn that shines upon silent white valleys in the Great Northern lands...an explorer lost among the Antarctic glaciers looking for the way home... The cold and silent night that falls upon the glacial valleys... creatures that look for shelter from the Great Northern cold... The mythological significance of the Poles and the slow, elegant movements of the Northern Lights. These are just some of the aspects and visions explored by Glacial Movements. In the world we live in, we have lost the relationship between humanity and nature, the mother of all life forms on Earth. Glacial Movements wants to restore the primordial unity between man and nature. In this way the label becomes the starting point and the inspiration to the artist involved with the musical project.

The Italian label Glacial Movements has an impressive and loyal following, drawn in by their artists’ ability to make music that seems to exist almost outside of time itself.   DMC WORLD MAGAZINE

Italy’s Glacial Movements label has, little by little, minimal increment by minimal increment, established itself as one of the world’s most vital headquarters for both rural and worldwide-etched ambient and related musics.     Darren Bergstein, contributor Signal to Noise Magazine

Glacial Movements is an Italian label, specializing in “glacial and isolationist ambient”, founded and curated by Alessandro Tedeschi, also known as Netherworld. It’s no wonder that the label quickly climbed to the top of my favorites, as I tracked down and purchased the back catalog. Fans of Biosphere, William Basinski, Deathprod, and the minimalism of Taylor Deupree, Robert Henke, Richard Chartier and Yann Novak will appreciate all of the albums.     Headphone Commute

Sitios inhabitados, olvidados por el hombre, paisajes helados cubiertos de blanco, icebergs, la aurora polar que brilla al final de un precipicio y un explorador que busca su camino de vuelta a casa. La mitología y el misterio que envuelven estos paisajes han sido la principal motivación de su encargado, Alessandro Tedeschi, que fundó el sello en 2006 con la intención de no perder la relación entre la madre naturaleza y el ser humano.     Vicious Magazine

Italy’s Glacial Movements is a record label with a very specific mission statement. Dedicated to presenting the very essence of the Earth’s poles and other frigid landscapes in sound form, it has released music by artists like Francisco López, Aidan Baker, Loscil and Pjusk as well as two albums by the label’s owner Alessandro Tedeschi under his Netherworld moniker.     Foxy Digitalis