Iceberg Series

An Iceberg is a large mass of ice detached from a glacier or from a floating platform of glaciers that drifst in the sea. It  is in constant motion and most of its mass remains submerged under surface of the water. The goal of this new Iceberg series of releases on Glacial Movements is to describe through techno / dub music this huge mass of ice. Each record release will be produced in a special digipack with images printed and embossed in spot gloss. Graphic and sleeve concept design by Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek).


As with other Glacial Movements releases, the six tracks comprising the effort do embody a vast coldness SELECTOR MAG Six slabs...

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Sounding like an industrially produced blizzard, this is best called glacial techno. Filled with white noise, icy beats and cold...

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Council Estate Electronics " ARKTIKA "

Indeed, throughout Arktika's eight tracks it is as if a colossal stylus has descended to earth and landed in BirminghamTHE...

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