NETHERWORLD is the moniker of Alessandro Tedeschi, and his soundscapes are mainly composed  through extreme manipulations of fragments of classical music and field recordings. Such as the noise of the masses of ice, the sound of the aurora borealis, or the breath of icy wind, recorded directly in the arctic areas of the planet.Coming originally from Rome, NETHERWORLD published several works on various labels such as Fario, Angle Rec, Umbra, and Taalem, The Wire Tapper Series and Glacial Movements, with releases like "Morketid" (2007) , "Over the Summit" (2011) and “ Alchemy of Ice “ (2013).These were again critically acclaimed gems of ambient music. Alessandro Tedeschi is also the creator and owner of Glacial Movements Records in Italy. Over the last few years, the label has received much appreciation and critical acclaim from both the national and international music press. In the catalog of the label, there are the likes of Loscil, Bvdub, Francisco Lopez, Aidan Baker, Celer, Mick Harris/Scorn/Lull, Rapoon, Marsen Jules and many others.

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photo by Nicoletta                            photo by MA Ruiz (Störung)

The label is steadily building its reputation among the purveyors of minimal and reductionist ambiance, and its exciting to see that Netherworld stands tall among the roster of world acclaimed names  HEADPHONE COMMUTE
Tedeschi’s music never crystallises – always faintly liquid amid sheets of icy pads and melodic motifs that unfurl like gentle footsteps over the Arctic region  FLUID RADIO
It’s a beautiful and hallowed sound that Tedeschi generates, shifting from the grim black of the Isolationist to a chroma of snowblind blues, pinks and whites   THE WIRE #325
…As impatient as I tend to become when drone invades my ear-peace, Tedeschi’s is a more spiritual drift in the vein of William Cody Watson and (yep, I’m mentioning it again) that goddamn Riceboy Sleeps record that no one else cares about   GUMSHOESGROVE
An Italian fellow loves the sound of cold things, spacious things, things a bit bleak. He records cold oceans and dark caves... looking for the sounds in silence; he then adds analogue and digital technologies and creates big swaths of lush cold sound   SOUND QUALITY (abc.net.au Radio)