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Interview on RAI RADIO LIVE

Netherworld interview on national Rai Radio Live!

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1. Charles Richard 2. Serga Kasinec 3. Netherworld 4. John Sellekaers 5. Erik Levander 6. Galati 7. Massimo Pupillo 8. Cryogenic Weekend 9. Amphior 10. Philippe Petit

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Erik Levander " Jökel "

March 09, 2021

It’s the kind of work for which words do not suffice. BANDCLOUD more reviews Swedish musician Erik Levander gained attention as part of the new wave of young DIY laptop experimentalists arising in the early 2000's. His somewhat eclectic early output has since developed into a unique and vibrant blend of digital, analog and acoustic sounds weaved into epic and powerful atmospherics. Levander has performed his work extensively, including shows at Roskilde Festival, Norberg Festival, Nordic Music Days and Forma Nova Festival. With the release of ‘Jökel´, Levander’s seventh full length album, he continues to break new ground, presenting a conceptual album that may be his most minimalistic, lingering and evocative release to date. As a result of ignorance, negligence, and a lack...