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Netherworld new interview for Magazine 60!

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HEADPHONE COMMUTE reviewed Northaunt, Equal Stones, FRAME

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1.Machinefabriek 2. bvdub 3.Bernocchi/Netherworld/Toshinori Kondo 4. Chihei Hatakeyama & Dirk Serries 5. Aria Rostami & Daniel Blomquist 6. Erik Levander 7. Serga Kasinec 8. Eliphas Vega 9. Skare

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NETHERWORLD " Algida Bellezza …

September 10, 2019

This is a record of muffled and sombre drones, one that conjures up mental images that are as icy as its cover artwork. BLEEP To say that this is soul music would not be correct. However to say this is music for the soul would so obviously be right.MAGAZINE 60 more reviews The year 2013 was very important for the recording career of the founder and artistic director of Glacial Movements, Alessandro Tedeschi aka Netherworld. 2013 represented the release of the album "Alchemy of Ice”, which received many positive reviews the music press internationally. In the following years the artist from Rome signed another work "Zastrugi" (2015) for the label’s Iceberg series devoted to techno / dub. Subsequently there was the album "Himuro...