Line Spectrum – “Fabric Merge” video premiere @ FREQ MAG
An absolute must-hear for any fans of field recording-based compositionTONESHIFT

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Line Spectrum is the new project by Oleg Puzan from Ukraine, who also released some excellent works on the Cryo Chamber label as Dronny Darko. Line Spectrum is a sound art project that is created to expand sonic boundaries through sound manipulations, often in a form of severe minimalism using a vast palette of microscopic sounds forming an immersive auditory monsoon. Slowly evolving textures mixed with field recordings and synthesized particles suits as a perfect perception environment for a listener. His works often reflect the state of tranquility through blending together deep ambiences, musique concrète, avant-garde elements and silence.Line Spectrum’s compositions require focused listening and is often best experienced on using hight quality headphones.

Bruma is an album of exploration. Somewhere cold and safe. Where nature is pure and expands as far as the eyes can see. Immersive drones combined with textured particles and field recording pieces create a place to dissolve in.


Track Listing:

1. A Set of Events at the Shore

2. Fabric Merge

3. Ways

4. Fluidity

5. Quietness


Label: Glacial Movements

Artist: Line Spectrum

Release date : 5th July 2019

Format: CD 6 panels Digipack

Cat. Num: GM038

Barcode: 8033959880364

Written, Produced, Performed - Line Spectrum

Sleeve design by Rutger Zuydervelt.

A Glacial Movements records release, July 2019. All rights reserved.


EQUAL STONES " Below Zero "

Schaap creates an impressive, tangible sense of forbidden place that is desolate and ominous..TONESHIFT

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From the perennial layers of the permafrost, Glacial Movements brings out the music of the talented Dutch artist Amandus Schaap aka Equal Stones. From the first experimental outing - exploring the possibilities of production work in 2012's "Temporal Displacement", the project Equal Stones has always been about getting to know the hidden places within the subconscious. Progressing over the years and finding a consistent stylistic sound on the two LP's "Transgression" and "Hans of a Murderer" the project turned towards very textural induced drone ambient, in which it's still firmly rooted. With "Below Zero", the first sittings of writing and producing were specifically designed for Glacial Movements. The record is icy cold, thickly layered with textures - reminiscent of heavy, slow moving, glacial scenery.A dark, sometimes brooding atmosphere combines these elements into an intense ride which was masterfully mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri, further accentuating the cold textures.


Track Listing:

1. Presence 7:03

2. Terretorial Dominion 8:28

3. Howling Fjord 7:10

4. A Fire Long Extinguished 9:54

5. Fragmented Ice 16:31


Label: Glacial Movements

Artist: Equal Stones

Release date : 30th March 2019

Format: CD 6 panels Digipack

Cat. Num: GM037

Barcode: 8033959880357

Written, produced and mixed by Amandus Schaap.

Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri.

Cover photo by Bjarne Riesto, sleeve design by Rutger Zuydervelt.

A Glacial Movements records release, March 2019. All rights reserved.


FRAME " The Journey "

....both artists have created a masterpiece of atmospheres.MAGAZINE SIXTY

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FRAME is a project started on 1992 from Eugenio Vatta and Andrea Benedetti with the idea to re-create the atmosphere of a movie theater in a musical show. As happened during the days of silent films with orchestras playing in real time during the movies, the FRAME project had the aim to follow with electronic instruments, the evolution of a movie, specifically assembled for the show. This happened in real time following few guidelines and with a lot of improvisation in order to donate to the electronic instruments a more human interaction dimension. Samplers, allow us to record in real time external sounds and synchronize them with the images. These sounds, even if coming from acoustic sources, had manipulated in order to be suggestive and more interesting. Then noises and spoken words are used to guide and distract the sensations of the listeners. To involve more and more the public, FRAME used a quadriphonic sound system, even behind the public, expanding the spatiality of sound. In this way, the public is involved with the union of images and music typical of cinema and, at the same time, with the physicality of a live concert. So FRAME creates something between cinema and a concert; a sort of live soundtrack: humanity and technology in communication. A new kind of show, every time different from the previous one that was shown at festivals and concerts in Rome, Viterbo, Rieti, Brussels and Zurich. Over the years, Eugenio Vatta and Andrea Benedetti have recorded a lot of material as Frame that they thought to edit for this record project, specifically made for Glacial Movements. “ The Journey “ it’s composed of ten soundscapes that focus on silence. In fact according to the artists, silence in glacial environments and in space are very similar, both in a figurative sense and in terms of perception.

EUGENIO VATTA: He began his musical career by studying guitar and then turned his attention to piano. Thanks to the spread of low-cost electronic instruments, he is soon interested in the study of synthesizers and electronic keyboards in general. He was also a sound engineer at the Shuttle recording studio in Rome, collaborating with RAI 2 and RAI 3 with Augusto Zucchi, Marco Lani, Oreste Lionello and Fulvia Mammi. During this period, he realized some songs using the computer that will be published in the CD "Tensione", edited by Rosso di Sera / Polixena. In 1989 he opened his own recording studio with Andrea Benedetti, which allowed him to develop a good interaction with electronic instruments for the creation, recording and manipulation of sounds.He is a founding member of SNS (Sounds Never Seen), a record label of italian experimental techno. With this label, he made some productions including the LP "Antisystem" by Lory D and produced by BMG.For BMG / Ricordi, he has produced the cd "Ambienti Sonori" with the collaboration of Andrea Benedetti, a mixture of electronically elaborated acoustics and various type of electronic synthesis. For a long time, he studied acoustics specializing in the production of sounds from acoustic and synthetic matrix amplified by several sound sources (quadriphonic sound system).Since 1993 he has collaborated as a sound engineer with the label Via Veneto Jazz, with whom he also collaborated with artistic production and for which he recorded a cd as author "Essendo la mia casa addormentata". Via Veneto Jazz has recorded the most famous Italian and foreign jazz musicians such as Mike Stern, John Patitucci, Lello Panico, Antonello Salis, Danilo Rea, Javier Girotto, Randy Brecker, Paul Mc Candless, George Garzone, Eddie Henderson, Pat Metheny, Trilok Gurtu, Mark Ribot Fabrizio Bosso e BSBE and others. Since 2000, after his experience with SNS, Frame, Frammenti di Caos and Entropia he started to be sound director specialized in surround recordings and live actes with contemporary music group Alterego. With them he has collaborated with Gavin Bryars for the project “Sinking of the Titanic” with Scanner and William Basinski at Venice Biennale, with Matmos and Pansonic, Philip Jeck during a European tour, Alvin Lucier in “I’m sitting in the room”, Terry Riley in “IN C” and other important artists of contemporary and electronic music. Actually he writes music for movies and orchestra recordings.

ANDREA BENEDETTI: He began his musical activity as a DJ in the early 80s working in some club and radio in Rome. His interest in production takes place in the late 1980s with the purchase of the first synthesizers. In 1990 he created a recording studio together with Eugenio Vatta. Together they refine their technical and musical skills, starting to lay the foundations for the development of their own personal sound that will blur in separate productions, but also in collaboration under the pseudonym Frame. In the same year, he collaborated with the first Italian experimental techno label, SNS (Sounds Never Seen) of the dj / Roman musician Lory D. After some releases on Roman electronic techno-labels such as Sysmo and Mystic, in 1993 he created his label Plasmek with which he developed his own musical ideas more and succeeds in giving room to other techno and electronic producers in Rome. The label will become the next year one of the constituent elements of a Roman label pool called Finalfrontier that have been created on 1994 with Marco Passarani, owner of Nature and Pigna records. With Finalfrontier he has produced with Marco Passarani more than 100 records by artists like Lory D, D’Arcangelo, Phoenecia, Max Durante, Gabriele Rizzo, T.E.W., A.D.C., Ambit3, Jolly Music, Mat 101, Francisco, Raiders of the Lost Arp, I-F, Antony Rother, RA-X, Somatic Responses, Dynamic Wave, M.S.B. and others. As producer, he has released records, with SNS, Plasmek, Aural Satisfaction, Kickin, Art-aud, Flash Forward and Furthur Electronics. He has always been interested to spread theories and news about electronic music so he has started working as a speaker on several Roman radios and writing for some foreign magazines (Under One Sky - New York, EAR - Strasbourg, Freestyler - Zurich). In 1993, he created the first fanzine of Italian techno and electronics called Tunnel. Writing interviews and reviews, he collaborated with Orbeat, the first free mag techno and electronic electronic produced in Naples, Superfly, a bi-monthly music magazine made in Rome and electronic music sites electronique.it and frequencies.eu. During his career he interviewed artists like Rik Davies Cybotron, Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Underground Resistance, Suburban Knight, Carl Finlow, Dj Rolando, IF, Phoenicia, Funkstorung, Egyptian Lover, Karl Bartos and many others. In 2006 he released for the publishing company Stampa Alternativa, the book "Mondo Techno" about the origins of techno music in Detroit and its diffusion in Italy. The book is going to be re-pressed on 2018. He has arranged the supervision of the Italian edition of the book “Electrochoc” by Laurent Garnier.

Track Listing:









9.Pluto and Charon

10.The Arrival


Label: Glacial Movements

Artist: Frame

Release date : 30th Janyary 2019

Format: CD Digipack

Cat. Num: GM036

Barcode: 8033959880340

Music arranged by Frame; all music written by Eugenio Vatta

Record and Mix at E 45 studio Roma by Frame. Masterd by Eugenio Vatta

Cover photo by Tero Marin, sleeve design by Rutger Zuydervelt.

A Glacial Movements records release, January 2019. All rights reserved.


MURCOF " Lost in Time "

Releasing on the aptly-named Glacial Movements, the music is pretty darn cold – cold enough for a thick coat.FLUID RADIO

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Murcof is the performing and recording name of Mexican electronica artist Fernando Corona. Corona was born in 1970 in Tijuana, Mexico and raised in Ensenada. He was for a time a member of the Tijuana-based Nortec Collective of electronic musicians under the Terrestre project name. In 2000 he returned to Tijuana. Since 2006 Corona lives in Barcelona, Spain. Murcof's music is sparse, minimalist, electronica. Many of his compositions are founded on abstract, glitchy, sometimes complex electronic percussion. Harmonic and melodic influences come from classical music (modern classical music, musique concrète, holy minimalism, micropolyphony, baroque music, etc.), ambient music, drone music, berlin school synthesizer music, ethnic music and free improvisation. Rhythms are derived from minimal techno, dub, glitch, industrial music and IDM, and are often aligned around a 4/4 beat. The more recent works in the Murcof catalogue no longer include electronic beats. His earlier works, like the 2001 EP Monotonu, feature orchestral instruments sampled from recordings of works by modern composers such as Arvo Pärt and Morton Feldman. Some of his later works, like the 2005 album Remembranza, incorporate samples of Corona and his friends playing classical instruments. Besides his personally initiated albums, Corona worked as Murcof on the 2008 commission project The Versailles Sessions, in which he reinterpreted recordings of a baroque ensemble. Live shows of Murcof featured guest musicians from varied musical backgrounds, like jazz trumpet player Erik Truffaz, tabla player Talvin Singh, crossover electronica-classical pianist Francesco Tristano and contemporary composer Philippe Petit.

In Lost in Time, two parallel narratives intertwine: the first follows a helmet-clad, faceless horse and rider adrift in an indeterminate landscape of ice and snow, quite literally lost in time and space, while the second seems to allude to a strange scientific experiment. Lost in Time plunges us into perpetual renewal, each ending leading to a new beginning. The protagonists – two beings bound by a certain mutual dependence – are forever trapped in a time loop where life and death ceaselessly rotate.The use of what are almost exclusively black figures against white landscapes produces a menacing, otherworldly atmosphere that is also stunningly beautiful. The original soundtrack of the film, blends the aria of the Goldberg Variations sung by Les Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal with a composition by Murcof. The soundtrack also exists as an autonomous work entitled Lost in Time (Goldberg Experienced.05). Coproduction Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal and Casino Luxembourg. With the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts. Composed by Murcof, the soundtrack of the film Lost in Time was the subject of a previous double album co-produced by Patrick Bernatchez and the Casino Luxembourg in 2014.


MURCOF_LOST IN TIME_CD_release from Patrick Bernatchez on Vimeo.

Track Listing:



2.Chapitre I

3.Chapitre II

4.Chapitre III

5.Chapitre IV

6.Chapitre V

7.Chapitre VI

8.Chapitre VII

9.Chapitre VIII

10.Chapitre IX

11.Chapitre X

12.Chapitre XI


14.Chapitre N (piste audio exclusive sur GM)


Label: Glacial Movements

Artist: Murcof

Release date : 28th September 2018

Format: CD Digisleeve with booklet annd silver finish

Cat. Num: GM035

Barcode: 5050580698222

Musique originale : Murcof

Interprétation : Les Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal

Direction musicale : Gilbert Patenaude

Arrangement de l’aria : Gilbert Patenaude

Prise de son : Philippe Bouvrette

Mastering : Charles Stoltz

Coordination : Roman Martyn

Brigitte Henry

Graphisme : Studio Pilote

A Glacial Movements Records release, September 2018. All rights reserved.