Netherworld "Vanishing Lands"

Immerse yourself in the great north, lost in the darkness of winter nights. There is a green glow that slowly dances above you, it is that of the Northern Lights, which lights the way. Around you, ice-covered volcanoes and endless white and silent expanses. Slowly all of this is fading, day after day, and unfortunately it is irreversible.

"Vanishing Lands" is a cry of desperation, it is the realization that we are one step away from the abyss. It is the most complex and dramatic work created to date by the artist and founder of Glacial Movements Records, Alessandro Tedeschi aka Netherworld. A subtle melancholy note unites the seven tracks on the album, which were written, composed and mixed during the time of the pandemic. An excerpt of the track "The Beauty Of Places Where There is Nothing to See" has been feautered on the CD compilation The Wire Tapper 58, included on the world's greatest print and online music magazine The Wire (Issue 458, April 2022).


Track Listing:

1.Last Sunset


3.Slow Moving Streams

4.Stillness beneath the ice pack

5.The Beauty of Places Where There is Nothing to See


7.Vanishing Lands


Label: Glacial Movements

Artist: Netherworld

Release date : 6th May 2022

Format: CD digipack

Cat. Num: GM048

Barcode: 8033959880661

All tracks written, mixed and composed by Netherworld during Winter 2020 @ The Glacial Movements Studio in Rome.

Please, listen to this music in a quiet environment, at low-medium level.

Mastered by Matteo Spinazzè @ Jung Studio.

Sleeve design by Oleg Galay. Cover photo by Tero Marin

A Glacial Movements Records release, May 2022. All rights reserved.


Amphior "Another Presence"

The new Amphior album, Another Presence, is a longing echo of alienation.

Amphior, aka. Mathias Hammerstrøm makes his return with a new collection of melancholic and enchanting tracks on his latest full-length album, Another Presence. Mathias works with atmospheric synth sounds, vintage amplifying devices, and crackling lo-fi textures to evoke gloomily deserted landscapes, and subterranean abysses. Disembodied voices linger like echoing ghosts calling from beneath an unknown surface, melting into the dense sonic fog of occasional noise, rumbling drones, and hypnotic synth passages. Reimagining sound recordings of ancient mantras and occult rituals, the album has a persisting otherworldly aura from beginning to end.
 Ultimately, Another Presence is an introspective dive into the unknown darkness of the subconsciousness. It’s the yearning yet the cathartic sound of spiritual search. “Another Presence was made during the long Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. It was a strange vacuum of feeling lonely and isolated, yet I also felt more and more connected with being myself. I think I have been unconsciously ashamed of being an introvert and a sensitive person for a long time, and it has led me to become someone I’m not. The album is an expression of the states of mind I went through - and still fall back on from time to time” - says Mathias Amphior released his sophomore album, We Used to Dance, and his solo debut-EP (as ‘Mathias Hammerstrøm’), There Is a Light Within Yourself, on his label, Hammerstrøm Records, back in 2019. He released the EP, Mirror Chamber, in 2021.


Track Listing:



3.Imaginary Shelter

4.Dream Traveler



7.Another Presence

8.What Was Lost


Label: Glacial Movements

Artist: Amphior

Release date : 14th March 2022

Format: CD digipack

Cat. Num: GM047

Barcode: 8033959880517

All tracks written and produced by Mathias Hammerstrøm in 2020.

Mastered by Simon Scott at SPS Mastering.

Thanks to: Mikkel Schmidt, Mari-Ann Memborg, Anne Grete Aagaard, Claus Gahrn, Thomas Knak, Simon Scott.

Sleeve design by Oleg Galay

A Glacial Movements Records release, March 2022. All rights reserved.


Charles Richard " Sonic Earth "

Charles Richard is a Royal College of Art Alumni exploring multidisiplary theams. Founding Sonic Earth in 2017, the platform incorporates archival process, installation design and composition to reveal the potential of geological languages as vessels of sonic mystery. Working as an intermediary between the material and listener, Sonic Earth creates processed digital soundworlds composed directly through the internal resonances of extracted layers of the compressed landscape.

“ Each rock is a testament of time that encapsulates universe and Earth. For the Sonic earth project I am seeking ways to synthesize the sounds of rocks. Working from this 21st century standpoint to rewire new sonic perspectives and experiences through the library of geological time. Over the last few years this work has discovered and evolved new ways of recording to capture a true audial of each resonant body. Recording rock tableau from both my own travels and also with the opportunity to record from the archive within the Natural History Museum, London, I have amassed a number of material recordings. “ Charles Richard, September 2021



Track Listing:

1.Egyptian Orange Onyx

2.Jaune De Castille

3.Elbow Valley Final

4.Valencia Cream

5.Sculpture 5

6.Cipollino Dorato

7.Four Stones

8.Conglomerate Marble

9.Estoril Marble

10.Jerusalem Marble

11.Black Granite

12.Indian Forest Marble



Label: Glacial Movements

Artist: Charles Richard

Release date : 08th November 2021

Format: CD digipack with 8pp booklet

Cat. Num: GM046

Barcode: 8033959880456

All tracks mixed and produced by Sonic Earth, 2018-2021

Mastering by Matteo Sinazzè Savaris @ Jung Studio

Cover photos by Bjarne Riesto

Booklet photos courtesy of United States Geological Survey

Sleeve design by Rutger Zuydervelt

A Glacial Movements Records release, november 2021. All rights reserved.


John Sellekaers " Observer Effect "

A journey in the unknown is a deeply transforming experience. How are we affected by the world around us and how do we alter it just by being there, by existing in this particular place, at this very moment? By observing it? Frozen textures, faint melodies from the polar nights... The excitement, fascination and primal fear felt by the pioneers, explorers, men and women, travelling to extreme, uninhabited regions. Mysteries are uncovered, or left alone. A solitary voyage in seemingly endless territories. Observer Effect is an album fed by history, countless stories and books. And by the pleasure of building a sonic scenery, a suspended state, imagining icy landscapes in the lightest night...

John Sellekaers (b. 1973) is an electronic music composer and producer based in Brussels. He has written and recorded close to sixty records so far, under different aliases, such as Feral Cities, Night Sky Pulse, Meeple, Xingu Hill and Dead Hollywood Stars. His music has been released by labels in Europe and North America, including Ant-Zen, Hymen Records, Parenthèses Records, Falt, Oreille Gardée, Hushush and Nova Zembla. John has toured extensively since the nineties and has worked on collaborations, remixes and soundtracks. He is also a freelance audio engineer (mixing & mastering), photographer and graphic designer.


Track Listing:

1.Terra Nova


3.On the Trail


5.In the Lightest Night

6.Optical Haze, Pt. 1


8.Water Sky

9.Optical Haze, Pt. 2


Label: Glacial Movements

Artist: John Sellekaers

Release date : 20th July 2021

Format: CD digipack

Cat. Num: GM045

Barcode: 8033959880449

Written, performed and produced by John Sellekaers.Recorded in Brussels, 2017–2019..

Photo by Tero Marin.

Sleeve by Oleg Galay.

A Glacial Movements Records release, July 2021. All rights reserved.