Francisco Lòpez "Amarok"

It’s about building into an intensity of sound then allowing it to dissipate   CYCLIC DEFROST
Extremely dilated drones, yet not too immaterial, redundant in their progressive slips of many sound layers   NEURAL

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Francisco López is known all over the world as one of the main figures of all time experimental music. He performed in hundreds lives, projects and sound-sets in 60 countries of 5 continents and his huge discography has been released by more than 200 labels all over the world. His musical universe moves from human-ear limits to the deepest abysses of sonorous power and it is mostly composed of field recordings caught along the wildest areas of Earth or between the sounds of industrial world.

For "Amarok" composition two years of hard work have been employed using sounds and processed field
recordings. It’s a unequalled conceptual soundscape in this artist’s huge discography and it perfectly joins to Glacial Movements aesthetics. After a few seconds from the track beginning we are dip into an arctic trip which lasts more than an hour and in which tangled weavings in a masterly fashion handled by the Spanish artist appear, develop and dissolve. Gusts of arctic wind, the Amarok’s wheezing breath  (Amarok is the name of a gigantic wolf in Inuit mythology)  and the sense of loss in the polar night are only some of the sensations that this cryogenic hallucinatory acustic is able to evoke.
"Amarok is probably one of the more isolationist and spookiest work I’ve ever done" Francisco López,march 2009

1. Amarok (64:07)

All sound material has been created at mobile messor by Francisco López (Madrid, Murcia, Riga, Belgrade, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam), 2007-2009 © francisco lópez 2009

A Glacial Movements Records release, February 2010.All rights reserved.

Format: CD digipack
Cover Photo: Bjarne Riesto
Art Direction/Layout: Keep Adding