Oophoi "An aerial view"

This is shatteringly beautiful, scintillatingly frozen, and stunningly magnificent ambience   BRAINWASHED
the artist attempts to capture the “abyssal silence” of the Ice Age in sound and on that count it succeeds very well indeed   TEXTURA

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"When I’ve been asked to describe the Ice Age with an uninterrupted drone, I knew I wanted to avoid the cliches of the genre: dark rumblings, massive low frequencies, cold atmospheres. I had to describe with sounds the white landscape, the blinding light reflected by the frozen oceans, the abyssal silence.I have imagined myself in flight over this Sleeping Earth, a solitary winged-being surrounded by winds, air, water and ice. This led me to compose an airy drone with minimal variations and delicate tones, an hommage to a pure, incontaminated and remote land.

Oophoi, winter 2007"

1. An aerial view - (65:07)