Pjusk "Tele"

You can hear the ice cracking as the glacial plates shift in the sudden juddering crashes   NORMAN RECORDS
The album emerges gently – opening with the unnerving wobble of wooden panels, as if such a noise has awoken the band from slumber...   ATTN MAGAZINE

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Pjusk is Rune Sagevik and Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik from the west coast of Norway - both from small villages close to nature. The sound of Pjusk is inspired by the harsh Norwegian weather and wild landscape. At the center point of the collaboration between the two is an old cabin high up in the mountains. This is where most of the music of Pjusk is made - framed by snowy peaks and the sound of cold streams.
The album "Tele" (the Norwegian word describing frozen underground water) is a natural progression from the album "Sval" released on the US label 12k in 2010. Inspired by  the arctic wilderness, Tele is a journey of snow, ice and cold.
All tracks composed and produced by Pjusk except:

Track 1 by Pjusk and Andreas Nordenstam
Track 3 by Pjusk and Frodebeats

Mastering and album arrangement by Andreas Nordenstam
Modular sound design by Frodebeats
Guitar treatments by Tor Anders Voldsund
Glacial sound effects by Joe Scarffe

Tracks List:
1. Fnugg  01:53
2. Gneis  07:02
3. Flint  04:59
4. Skifer 06:04
5. Krystall  06:19
6. Granitt  07:36
7. Kram     06:27
8. Bre   02:14
9. Polar  08:15