STORMLOOP "Snowbound"

...perfect listening for long, dark winter nights   RESIDENT MUSIC
The ten vivid tracks combine acoustic approximations of melting ice, crackling campfire flames, cold blasts of air   STAR'S END RADIO

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Stormloop is Kev Spence from Leeds, England who has been making electronic and ambient recordings since 1999. Snowbound* is his first recording on a record label, and the ambience is in perfect harmony with the icy themes of the Roman Glacial Movements.
Snowbound* is a collection of tracks that was recorded in late december 2009,deep snow had fallen that stayed for over two weeks. Composing usually late into the night, watching the heavy snowfalls was the inspiration for these tracks, and the feeling of been lost in some remote cabin, safe but warm, with good food and drink, staring out at the depths of winter snow that covers the land..
These crystalline soundscapes, take us from the cold winter nights, then out towards the bleakness of space. Snowbound* is an authentic full-immersion into the cold, and you can really feel the snowflakes on your skin.

1 snowbound  (8:19)
2 cold winds  (7:19)
3 a blizzard   (4:33)
4 a calm reflection  (7:38)
5 melt  (2:42)
6 dense fog  (1:38)
7 drifting-decent  (7:40)
8 losing sleep  (4:51)
9 space station j  (4:39)
10 cygnus  (4:26)

Written and produced in Leeds, England by Kevin Spence.
Recorded in the winters of 2005 and 2009.
Artist: stormloop
Title: snowbound*
Cat. number: GM012
Barcode: 8033959880074
Format: CD digipack
Cover Photo: Bjarne Riesto
Art Direction/Layout: Keep Adding