VV.AA. "Cryosphere"

Essential for the drone inclines among you as well as fans of all things dark and ambient   AQUARIUS RECORDS
The music is quietly epic while exquisitely bleak, and crafts a fascinating and integrated sound picture   STAR'S END RADIO

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"Cryosphere is a remarkably cohesive and well-sequenced collection of dark-but-diamantine ambient music that is best suited for contemplative headphone settings. Alternating between the cinematic and the claustrophobic, these pieces, if they don’t trigger a mild case of cabin fever, will transport the listener to a vast, otherworldly wilderness of snow and frozen wastes, rich in atmosphere and impressive to behold. By TINY MIX TAPES"

"Put simply, Cryosphere is an indisputably polished collection of ‘arctic ambient' works that's tailor-made for devotees of isolationist works issued by Thomas Köner, Main, and Biosphere and featured on the 1994 Virgin compilation Ambient 4: Isolationism.By TEXTURA"

"Cryosphere is an interesting album in that it is primarily a serene well-crafted compilation of floating ambient tracks but there is also an almost hidden dark undercurrent of impending terror. It is almost like an expedition to a remote polar wasteland that is being stalked by danger unknown. A slightly sinister tone underlies the tracks as if watching and waiting for an opportunity to reveal itself. In that respect it is very cinematic and atmospheric, adding hidden depth to the justly tagged "glacial and isolationist" nature of the music. By IGLOO MAG"

1. CLOSING THE ETERNITY : Pulse of Iceilance (07:56)
2. NORTHAUNT : Crocker Land (06:10)
3. THO-SO-AA : Cryotesk (09:33)
4. LIGHTWAVE : Proxima Thule (08:58)
5. TUU : Silent Writing (07:26)
6. TROUM : Giascei (11:57)
7. AIDAN BAKER : Beneath the Ice (10:16)
8. NETHERWORLD : Kryos (10:14)
9. OOPHOI : Cold Sun (06:50)

released 04 January 2013