Yuya Ota "Arctic April Mother"

The sequence of tracks is well-balanced and not only presents 'arctic desolation' but 'warm comfort' as well    AMBIENT BLOG
Yuya Ota delivers an album that is enjoyable not only for fans of this kind of music but almost for everyone    CHAIN DLK

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Glacial Movements is pleased to promote for the first time ever, the work of a young artist from Tokyo, Japan, a new talent of experimental ambient music: Yuya Ota.
He's a composer and sound artist, who loves the fusion of textures of classical music with the electronic digital ones. After school graduation, he studied classical composition, and he currently works for art galleries, exhibitions, shows and makes collaboration with other musicians and artists among wich Keith Rowe and Andrew Deutsch. The album "Arctic April Mother", written exclusively for Glacial Movements, consists of nine watercolors sound, inspired by the contrast that coldness expresses. Sometimes all white, sometimes vivid, focused on constantly changing times and make momentary harmony by all sounds. All musical instruments (piano and guitar on all), sounds and noises, are in perfect harmony and melody with each other, and they describe the poetic vision of the "Big Chill".
Tracks List & info notes:
1.  Knife  (2:51)
2.  Silver Rain  (6:23)
3.  Lágrima  (7:08)
4.  Maria  (4:41)
5.  Seven Sisters Cliff  (5:37)
6.  Parfum  (4:13)
7.  Dispērsus  (6:10)
8.  Tokyo  (6:03)
9.  Viento  (6:22)
All music composed and produced by Yuya Ota
Piano, Guitar and programming by Yuya Ota
Cat. Number: GMDG016
Art Direction,  cover artwork and layout by Noah M/Keep Adding
A Glacial Movements  release,  February 2013.  All rights reserved