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PHILIPPE PETIT " You only live ice "

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RAPOON " Song from the end of the world "

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PHILIPPE PETIT " You only live ice "


PHILIPPE PETIT " You only live ice …

APRIL 2015

A moody, detailed and wide-ranging work, in which atmosphere and dramaturgy lead the ear into a suspended world, like being entrapped within an Arctic ice shelf... Philippe Petit is interested in soundtracks; even if he creates original music he'd rather be introduced as a "musical travel agent" than a composer. Since the early 2000s he has been performing the world, playing festivals all over Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico, South America, Australia & Asia... Feeling lucky to release on several international labels such as Aagoo, Southern UK, Monotype, Alrealon Musique, Beta Lactam Ring, Sub Rosa, HomeNormal, Important, HelloSquare, Public Eyesore, Utech, Staubgold, etc... Fortunate enough to work with what people call a dream-team of collaborators: joining Lydia Lunch, Murcof, The European Contemporary...