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Glacial Movements recibe a Line Spectrum El músico ucraniano Oleg Puznan debuta con su alias Line Spectrum en Glacial Movements con un trabajo titulado Bruma del que ya podemos escuchar un tema al completo antes de que se lance oficialmente el próximo 5 de julio. "Line Spectrum es un proyecto de arte sonoro que se crea para expandir los límites sonoros a través de manipulaciones de sonido, a menudo en una forma de minimalismo severo utilizando una vasta paleta de sonidos microscópicos que forman un monzón auditivo inmersivo. Las texturas que evolucionan lentamente se combinan con grabaciones de campo y trajes de partículas sintetizadas como un entorno de percepción perfecto para un oyente. Sus obras a menudo reflejan el estado de tranquilidad a través de la mezcla de ambientes profundos, música concreta, elementos de vanguardia y silencio. Las composiciones de Line Spectrum requieren una escucha enfocada y, a menudo, se experimenta mejor en el uso de audífonos de alta calidad", explican desde el sello. "Bruma es un álbum de exploración. En algún lugar frío y seguro. Donde la naturaleza es pura y se expande hasta donde los ojos pueden ver. Los drones inmersivos combinados con partículas texturizadas y piezas de grabación de campo crean un lugar para disolverse".CLUBBING SPAIN
Na półce z napisem „ambient” pochodzi album Line Spectrum. Album „Bruma” to właściwie projekt dźwiękowy pełen surowego minimalizmu. Za nagraniami stoi pochodzący z Ukrainy Oleg Puzan. Jeśli materiał jest wydany przez Glacial Movements możemy mieć pewność, że będzie chłodno. I jest. Już od spoglądania na samą okładkę można poczuć chłodniejszy powiew. Od pierwszych dźwięków ” A Set of Events at the Shore” znajdziemy się w krainie nagrań terenowych. Towarzyszy nam szum wody, a my znajdujemy się gdzieś na brzegu. Syntetyczne części twórczości Line Spectrum z czasem wnikają w tkankę dźwięków żywych. To muzyka, która ma rozpuścić wszystko co napotka na swojej drodze. Uchwycone dobrze zostało to w „Ways”, które zawiera w sobie trzy, charakterystyczne manipulacje. Sama zawartość płynnie przelewa się w trakcie czasu trwania. W ogóle podział na utwory jest raczej umowny, a wpływ muzyki elektronicznej bywa mikroskopijny. Wszystko rozgrywa się w towarzystwie ciszy, dając dość intymny charakter. Najbardziej podoba mi się ostatnie „Quietness”. Czym więc skusić innych, aby na moment porzucili swoje bezpieczne strefy i zajrzeli tu? Ciszą, dobrą dla myśli.NOWAMUZYKA
Line Spectrum – “Fabric Merge” video premiere

Oleg Puzan (AKA Dronny Darko on Cryo Chamber) has a new album coming out on CD via Glacial Movements under the name Line Spectrum, creating “[s]lowly evolving textures mixed with field recordings and synthesized particles suits as a perfect perception environment for a listener”.FREQ Video Premiere

ROCKERILLA Luglio / Agosto 2019
Line Spectrum is the new project by Oleg Puzan from Ukraine, also known as Dronny Darko. Line Spectrum implies sound manipulations, often in a form of severe minimalism using a vast palette of microscopic sounds, in order to form an immersive auditory monsoon. Slowly evolving textures mixed with field recordings and synthesized particles suits as a perfect perception environment for a listener. His works often reflect the state of tranquility through blending together deep ambiences, musique concrète, avant-garde elements and silence.THE ATTIC
In parziale controtendenza rispetto al percorso che negli ultimi anni l’aveva vista dischiudere il proprio immaginario cristallizzato tra i ghiacci perenni al rugiadoso calore di soluzioni sonore più varie e luminose, l’etichetta Glacial Movements accoglie nel proprio catalogo il nuovo progetto di Oleg Puzan (Donny Darko), che fin dal titolo suggerisce plumbei paesaggi atmosferici. Le cinque lunghe tracce che formano “Bruma” rispecchiano infatti l’uniforme grigiore di scenari ghiacciati estremi, nei quali terra e cielo si confondono, mantenendo tuttavia ciascuno le proprie componenti organiche. A rispecchiare queste ultime sembrano infatti votati le due parti del lavoro, la prima densa di frequenze sature e rumorose folate ambientale, la seconda incapsulata in una stasi apparente ma pullulante di microsuoni liminari ed esili texture, che affiorano appena oltre il livello della percezione. Come tale, “Bruma” è un lavoro da ascoltare con grande pazienza e attenzione, preferibilmente in cuffia come consigliato nelle note di copertina, in modo da cogliere i minuti dettagli dai quali è costituito, appena oltre la cupa superficie di una coltre di crepitanti vapori ghiacciati.MUSIC WON'T SAVE YOU
Line Spectrum is the latest boundary-pushing sonic exploration project from Ukranian, Oleg Puzan. Bruma is slowly evolving minimalism - so minimal in places that there are silent passages - that encapsulates field recordings and manipulated sounds. This will take you to a place where nature and tranquility are one and the same. Puzan has also released records as Dronny Darko via Cryo Chamber.NORMAN RECORDS
Bruma is the new Line Spectrum album from dark ambient artist and sound designer Dronny Darko. The music takes the listener on an excursion far beyond the warmth we know into sub zero horizons. The quiet minimalism and microscopic sounds create immersive ambient atmospheres and textures in which you can hear glaciars moan and condensation freeze. The desolate landscapes of the arctic and similar locales have very little to offer regarding sound stimuli, and this album reflects that type of deafening silence perfectly.TONE HARVEST
Line Spectrum‘s Bruma goes beyond music to the Earth’s inner workings; an inspired soundscape of tidal movement, the fabrication of fossils and the erosion of landscapes. The idyllic lapping of waves gradually subsumed by the roar of the surf as dolphins call is eventually dissolved in a wash of static and morse code structures. The dry rattle of pebbles, missing the sea, elemental sounds merge; the creeping of tree roots or the sound of ancient stakes gradually submerging.the sound of 10,000 years into the future, the crack of the ice floes, sounds caused only by the last revolutions of the EarthThe wind blows, the sea creeps and the land eventually dissipates, settling as sand at the bottom of the endlessly swelling ocean. Humanity has little place here as this has gone beyond us; the sound of 10,000 years into the future, the crack of the ice floes, sounds caused only by the last revolutions of the Earth, bereft of fauna, a gradual return to the point of entry with residual echoes like the faintest of reminders of what once was here.Water is the constant here, continually moving, causing and affectingUnderwater, something still breathes and water is the constant here, continually moving, causing and affecting. It has a kind of insidious nature that eats at memory and refuses to be still which ,when coupled with the eternal wind, paints picture after picture, millennia after millennia that change so subtly, yet always remain.FREQ MAG
Line Spectrum is the moniker of Ukrainian artist Oleg Puzan, someone who is new to me, but I’m excited to have made the discovery with this new release on the Glacial Movements label. Constructed from meticulously manipulated field recordings, the five tracks making up Bruma are impressive soundscapes from an accomplished practitioner of the form. The album begins with the sounds of crashing waves, as A Set of Events at the Shore slowly unfolds. The fizzing foam of the surf is matched with shuttering white noise, the competing yet complimentary frequencies showing a real attention to detail and deliberate sound placement. The track adds more layers of roiling drones and other, less easily identified found sounds. It’s an immediately satisfying piece, setting the stage perfectly. Fabric Merge follows, with subtle crackling and flickering sounds taking position in an extreme stereo spread, really filling the periphery areas before a low, slow throb of a pulse muscles in and the centre stage becomes full of energetic life. Again, the finely-tuned field recordings and specific layering is superb here, and as a shuddering loop evolves into proceedings, a dramatic sense of tension is achieved. Each track length is surgically executed; every duration being truncated to the zero second. Ways spends its precise running time of 6:00 by panning footsteps between the speakers as something soars overhead. This track is the first to include the shifting chatter of people, and that human aspect is an important balance in a piece that involves so much abstracted audio. And as for those very deliberate track lengths: I find this another satisfying element, as it’s clear the artist made a very conscious decision regarding that. There is a depth here that I think is missing in a lot of sound collage type ambient music these days, where a sense of joy in those field recordings can be conveyed. Fluidity takes its time in emerging from silence, with microscopic sounds escaping a high pass filter and being allowed into the light. Gradually, water recordings wash over them, first a trickle, but gently the current picks up. This piece is the most restrained, no overt drama in its duration, and a nice segue into the final part of the album. The closing track is the longest, clocking in at 15:00, and its title is more than apt. Quietness starts almost imperceptibly; low frequency rumbles reminiscent of Francisco López’s work steer the track for a couple of minutes before a looping sound appears. Suddenly, a much higher, hissing drone grabs our attention, and otherworldly tones are absorbed into the layers, gathering steam before a final shutdown of lower and lower tones into an inky silence. Bruma is very slow, very exquisite. This is expertly managed music that has so much detail that it rewards the closest of listening. I’ve listened to this album multiple times and continue to catch new sounds within its beautifully structured soundscapes. An absolute must-hear for any fans of field recording-based composition.TONESHIFT
On their website Glacial Movements describe Bruma as ‘an album of exploration. Somewhere cold and safe’. It is the work of Ukrainian artist Oleg Puzan, whose approach is less obviously musical, building sound pictures through a massive array of small figures and bigger, weather-like effects. What’s the music like? Atmospheric. You will not find much in the way of obvious melody or harmony, but that is not a criticism, more an observation of the way Puzan works. The development of each of the five tracks on the album is strangely compelling, though each are closely linked together, the change between tracks coming at very definite time divisions. Although Bruma – which appears to mean a kind of sleep or hibernation – seems set to function as background music its very different textures and panoramas mean it has to be listened to in the foreground, dominating the headphones as it moves from comforting sounds to more ominous drones that approach from the distance. A Set Of Events At The Shore, evocatively titled, is the first track, and as outlined above it is all about atmosphere and noise, creating a space with running water and natural noises – but compromising it with a not altogether pleasant drone that makes itself known quite high up the spectrum. An intense experience on headphones, with some thick ambience but also what feels like white noise and interference as Fabric Merge progresses. No melodies as such but concentrated atmospheres. Ways gets thicker still, but the ambience and cold acoustic is more reassuring, and one that as a listener you want to dive into, with a rich chord growing to encompass the whole audible picture. The fourth track, Fluidity, has the flow of cold water in a regular pattern to sooth the mind, leading to the 15-minute final track Quietness. This is comforting but only to a point,with a disquieting sense of danger around the edge, as though you’re in a place you don’t want to get marooned in. Does it all work? Yes, providing you’re in the right mood. Some of the more high pitched sounds do actually become challenging after a while, but are essential to the whole experience. Is it recommended? Yes, because of the intensity of its ambience, though the manipulation of the many sounds on Bruma will not be to every listener’s taste.ARCANA FM
Brevĭma dĭes, il giorno più breve dell’anno. O il più freddo dell’inverno. Bruma, l’alone biancastro che limita la visibilità degli oggetti. Diffuso fenomeno atmosferico. L’origine e l’evoluzione di un comune sostantivo esplicano e, in parallelo, sintetizzano sia il contenuto che il mood dell’omonimo “Bruma” (2019), primo album di Oleg Puzan, meglio noto come Dronny Darko, a nome Line Sprectrum. Il prolifico artista ucraino, con svariate release soliste e non in catalogo per Petroglyph Music e Cryo Chamber, sceglie di ricorrere a un nuovo pseudonimo per caratterizzare al meglio un singolare progetto di sound art fondato su un severo minimalismo, affidato alla Glacial Movements. Le suggestive registrazioni dal vivo e l’oculata parcellizzazione dei suoni di fondo originano una fitta trama uditiva, di matrice drone, da ascoltare con attenzione. “Bruma” si pone, dunque, in contrasto con i silenzi che connotano i paesaggi desolati delle terre artiche e, soprattutto, come una sorta di lenta esplorazione sonora in un luogo terzo, in cui la musica si espande e si contrae, fino a dissolversi al culmine di cinquanta intensi minuti, introdotti da A Set Of Events At The Shore. Un titolo evocativo per descrivere un’atmosfera spettrale attraverso frequenze distorte e field recording acquatici, che rivelano la notevole cura dei dettagli e la costante stratificazione del suono. Anche Fabric Merge riflette il medesimo schema compositivo, amplificando le interferenze e i tremori. Rumore bianco per i seguaci dell’etichetta di Alessandro Tedeschi. La profondità dell’opera di Line Spectrum si evince non solo dalla lunghezza dei brani, ma dal loro ‘armonico’ susseguirsi, di cui il dittico composto da Ways e Fluidity costituisce un ottimo esempio. La prima si spinge oltre l’astratto, con l’inclusione di voci umane. La seconda eleva i ricorrenti suoni microscopici, affiancati da quell’acqua che s’infrange senza sosta sulle sponde di uno specchio. Le inquietudini e le incertezze si moltiplicano nel corso di Quietness. Una conclusione pallida come il cielo nevoso.SOUTERRAINE
UNI MAG 09_2019
Background/Info: Behind Line Spectrum is hiding Oleg Puzan. This Ukrainian artist got some recognition under the Dronny Darko moniker, releasing multiple releases on Cryo Chamber. Content: Line Spectrum is something completely different from Dronny Darko. The work is pretty soundscape-related, definitely more intimate and experimental as well. Aquatic field recordings are coming together with crispy noises while a stormy atmosphere is hanging over the work. + + + : The main strength of the work emerges from the visual appeal, which sounds at its best with the song “Ways”. It’s the kind of recording, which will really shine when joined by a visual performance or imagery. Oleg Puzan reveals himself as a collector of noises using field recordings to create the particular universe of “Bruma”. It’s the kind of work that might appeal for lovers of improvisation. The best way to discover this work is using headphones to fully notice the multiple details. – – – : It all sounds a bit too abstract to me. The tracks are a bit similar while never really reaching an ultimate point. Conclusion: Oleg Puzan revealed another side of his creative brain, which is more into experimentalism and soundscape music. Best songs: “Ways”, “Fabric Merge”. Rate: (7).SIDE LINE
We hadden hier nog nooit gehoord van deze act maar nader onderzoek leert ons dat het hier gaat om een project van de Oekraïner Oleg Puzan die onder de naam Dronny Darko al een aantal releases op zijn naam heeft staan bij Cryo Chamber. Zou hij zich intussen wat schamen over de toch wel vrij sullige artiestennaam Dronny Darko? We zouden het niet weten maar “Bruma” (5 tracks, 50 minuten speelduur) is nu dus de eerste release onder de nieuwe projectnaam Line Spectrum. Van Dronny Darko besprak Dark Entries in 2018 “Abduction”, “Forsaken” en “Black Hive”. Op het nieuwe album “Bruma” krijgen we vijf koude soundscapes – of zeg maar gerust dronescapes - voorgeschoteld opgebouwd uit field recordings bestaande uit natuurgeluiden en vooral veel watergeluiden en drones, drones, drones… minimaal en langgerekt. De tracks variëren in lengte van 6 tot 15 minuten. Line Spectrum is een sound art project dat de muzikale grenzen wil expanderen door middel van geluidsmanipulaties, vaak in een erg minimalistische vorm, met behulp van een palet aan subtiele geluiden die de luisteraar meeslepen in een auditieve droomreis middels langzaam evoluerende texturen gemengd met veldopnames en syntheffecten. Zijn werken weerspiegelen vaak de staat van rust door een combinatie van diepe sferen, musique concrète, avant-gardistische elementen en stilte. En niet te vergeten: drones, donkere, dreigende, onheilspellende drones. Line Spectrum’s composities vereisen focus en aandachtig luisteren en hiervoor worden hoogkwalitatieve koptelefoons aangeraden volgens de infosheet. Een surround system en de cd op hoog volume doet het echter even goed ten huize hv. De tracks heten “A Set Of Events At The Shore”, “Fabric Merge”, “Ways”, “Fluidity” en “Quietness”. Mijn favorieten zijn openingstrack "A Set Of Events At The Shore" en “Fluidity”. Zoals de titels al suggereren zijn dit daadwerkelijk de meest ‘waterige’ tracks. “Bruma” is een album om te exploreren. Ergens waar het koud is en waar de natuur puur is en zich zo ver uitbreidt als de ogen kunnen zien. Voor de droneliefhebber.DARK ENTRIES