Brock van Wey and Scott Morgan aka Bvdub and Loscil coax the best out of each other on this epic, romantic dedication to the darkness of night...    BOOMKAT
The space between the cuts takes on its own significance; it's like staring at a sheet of white paper until you see your soul. The electronic winds of time howl through this collaboration. It's ambiance that surrounds you. well... like ambiance.    INK 19

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Beyond this flood a frozen continent
Lies dark and wilde, beat with perpetual storms
Of whirlwind and dire hail, which on firm land
Thaws not, but gathers heap, and ruin seems
Of ancient pile; all else deep snow and ice....
- Milton, Paradise Lost, II.

From Chaos came forth Erebus and black Night; but of Night were born Aether and Day, whom she conceived and bore from union in love with Erebus.
- Hesiod, Theogony (120–125)

released 14 October 2013
written and produced by Brock Van Wey & Scott Morgan
deepest thanks to Alessandro Tedeschi, without whom the journey would never have begun
Cover Photo by Bjarne Riesto
Art Direction,photo manipulation/Layout by Keep Adding
A Glacial Movements Records release, October 2013
All rights reserved


Frozen Thoughts "Calm Before the Storm"

...this is music that hews closely to the Brian Eno School of rhythm-free, melody-free ambient environmental audio experiences.    INK19
Biosphere’s "Substrata" comes to mind, as Frozen Thought’s chill-out music also incorporates delicate environmental sounds of snow, fire, ice and wind.    SONIC IMMERSION

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Glacial Movements is pleased to promote the new ambient album by Petar Sakic (Frozen Thoughts, Phobos). He started producing music in 1999, heavily influenced by hardcore/gabba and industrial sounds. His first release under the name Phobos came was out in 2004 on a very popular Dutch label called DNA tracks. After several years of producing and releasing hardcore music for a couple of Dutch labels, Petar wanted to move in a different direction and expand his productions skills on new genres of electronic music. When he heard Substrata by Biosphere in 2005 he instantly fell in love with that style of ambient music. Petar than started to dig deeply into ambient releases and became heavily influenced by the already mentioned Biosphere but also some dark ambient producers such as Lustmord, Ah Cama Sotz, Atrium Carceri and Kammarheit. He started to produce his own ambient and dark ambient tracks, which led to first two releases in the ambient genre on Dark Ambient Radio CD compilations Vol.1 and Vol.2 from Germany. After those releases, Petar wanted to produce his first solo ambient album, influenced by the beautiful Glacial Movements releases. He started to record various snow, ice and wind sounds and glue them with big and lush synth sounds, which finally led to his first fully completed album called " Calm Before The Storm ". The first track of the album is dedicated to Reflections Of Dead Maidens, an old Viking expression for Aurora Borealis. Second track, Eternity Without Time, is dedicated to eternal ice and vast white vistas of our poles. And so on and on – that's Petar's vision of this album but feel free to have your own vision, close your eyes and enjoy it!

released 22 July 2013
Composed/Mixed/Mastered by: Petar Sakic at Phobos studio, Zagreb, Croatia during 2011.
A Glacial Movements Record release, July 2013. All Rights Reserved.
Art Direction, photo manipulation/Layout by Noah M/Keep Adding.



The mood is, naturally, wintry: bleak and introspective, the material conjures the image of someone taking shelter from the sub-zero temperature outside   TEXTURA
...And just like the snowflake, unique in its infinite molecule configuration, the music on Aneiracontinues to slowly drift, layer and melt   HEADPHONE COMMUTE

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Aidan Baker is a multi-instrumentalist, classically-trained in flute, but best known as a guitarist. Using various electronic effects combined with prepared and/or alternate methods of playing the guitar, he creates music which generally falls within the ambient/experimental genres but draws on influences from shoegaze and post-rock, contemporary classical and jazz. Over the course of the last decade, Baker has released numerous recorded works, both solo and with his duo Nadja, plus various other musical projects, on such labels as Alien8 Recordings, Important Records, Die Stadt Musik, and Broken Spine Productions. He is also the author of several books of poetry.

Baker has collaborated in-studio and live with such artists as Tim Hecker, Carla Bozulich, Jessica Baillif, Noveller, OvO, members of The Jesus Lizard, and members of Swans. He has also composed for and performed with such contemporary classical ensembles as The Penderecki Quartet, The Riga Sifonietta, and The Monday Morning Singers. Baker has toured extensively around the world and appeared at such international festivals as FIMAV, SXSW, Incubate, and Mutek.

Aneira (Welsh for 'snow') is one long, slowly changing piece created using only a 12-string acoustic guitar, manipulated and played with different tools, as a sound source in order to make sounds resembling that of ice moving or breaking and of wind or snowstorms. Aidan Baker also wrote a poem about Aneira, that will be inside the digipack.

Tracks List & info notes
1.  Aneira (47:33)

Release Date: 03/25/2013
Cat. Num: GM017
Edition: 500 CDs digipack

Composed, performed, recorded by Aidan Baker, January 2013 at Broken Spine Studios, Berlin, Germany.
All sounds produced by acoustic 12-string guitar.
© Ah Syd Music 2013
Art Direction, cover artwork and layout by Noah M/Keep Adding
a Glacial Movements release, March 2013. All rights reserved.


NETHERWORLD "Alchemy of Ice"

Alchemy of Ice is a feast of benumbing sonic textures unfolding at the pace of an advancing glacier.    EXCLAIM
These sonic impressions avoid the harsh realities of frostbite and hypothermia in favour of a rarefied metaphysical beauty.    THE WIRE

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NETHERWORLD is the moniker of Alessandro Tedeschi, the creator and owner of Glacial Movements Records in Italy. Over the last few years, the label has received much appreciation and critical acclaim from both the national and international music press.
Coming originally from Rome, NETHERWORLD published several works on various labels such as Fario, Angle Rec, Umbra, and Taalem. He then decided to focus on his visions for his own record label - Glacial Movements with releases like "Morketid" (2007) and "Over the Summit" (2011). These were again critically acclaimed gems of ambient music.
Last year NETHERWORLD performed at both the in Störung and Flussi electronic music festivals in Europe, and it’s from these two performances come some textures and field recordings of the new album "Alchemy of Ice". In the six tracks that make up the CD, he also used some old field recordings and sounds recorded in 2003 in some underground caves in Lazio, Italy.

The conceptual elements highlighted in the new work of NETHERWORLD are Alchemy - a view from the metaphysical point in both spiritual development and liberation - and the ice, the natural element essential for the achievement of eternity. In order to make the best quality sound for "Alchemy of Ice", the mastering of songs was entrusted to Denis Blackham (Skye Mastering Studio), famous throughout the world for having worked with top artists such as Fennesz, Biosphere , Edgar Froese, William Balinski, Coil and many others.
All the sound material was composed, mixed and created by Alessandro Tedeschi / NETHERWORLD through countless layers and manipulations made with analog sampler Roland VP9000

Alchemy of Ice is dedicated to OOPHOI, who passed away on April 2013.
Tracks List & info notes:
1.  Alchemy of snow (08:00)
2. Polo Nord dell'inaccessibilità  (09:26)
3. Icepulse (07:06)
4.  White silence (03:11)
5. 85°50'S 65°47'E (08:32)
6. Hymns to a melancholic sunset (07:06)     

Release Date: 05/2013
Cat. Num: GM018
Format:  CD digipack
Barcode: 8033959880128
All the sound material was composed, mixed and created by Alessandro Tedeschi / Netherworld
Mastered by Denis Blackham @ Skye Mastering
Cover Photo by Bjarne Riesto
Art Direction,photo manipulation/Layout by Noah M/Keep Adding
A Glacial Movements Records release, May 2013
All rights reserved


Yuya Ota "Arctic April Mother"

The sequence of tracks is well-balanced and not only presents 'arctic desolation' but 'warm comfort' as well    AMBIENT BLOG
Yuya Ota delivers an album that is enjoyable not only for fans of this kind of music but almost for everyone    CHAIN DLK

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Glacial Movements is pleased to promote for the first time ever, the work of a young artist from Tokyo, Japan, a new talent of experimental ambient music: Yuya Ota.
He's a composer and sound artist, who loves the fusion of textures of classical music with the electronic digital ones. After school graduation, he studied classical composition, and he currently works for art galleries, exhibitions, shows and makes collaboration with other musicians and artists among wich Keith Rowe and Andrew Deutsch. The album "Arctic April Mother", written exclusively for Glacial Movements, consists of nine watercolors sound, inspired by the contrast that coldness expresses. Sometimes all white, sometimes vivid, focused on constantly changing times and make momentary harmony by all sounds. All musical instruments (piano and guitar on all), sounds and noises, are in perfect harmony and melody with each other, and they describe the poetic vision of the "Big Chill".
Tracks List & info notes:
1.  Knife  (2:51)
2.  Silver Rain  (6:23)
3.  Lágrima  (7:08)
4.  Maria  (4:41)
5.  Seven Sisters Cliff  (5:37)
6.  Parfum  (4:13)
7.  Dispērsus  (6:10)
8.  Tokyo  (6:03)
9.  Viento  (6:22)
All music composed and produced by Yuya Ota
Piano, Guitar and programming by Yuya Ota
Cat. Number: GMDG016
Art Direction,  cover artwork and layout by Noah M/Keep Adding
A Glacial Movements  release,  February 2013.  All rights reserved


CELER "Without Retrospect, the Morning"

The result is a collection of cold, mournful drones that drag you in and almost trick you into a false sense of security   BOOMKAT
Without Retrospect, the Morning, is incredibly fitting for the arctic aesthetic of a wintry space   HEADPHONE COMMUTE

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Celer is Will Long, who currently lives in Tokyo, Japan, working in publishing, photography, music, and writing. He manages the label Two Acorns, and handles all releases, communication, and distribution of Celer and Chubby Wolf, also performing live regularly as Celer. Currently he is collaborating together with many artists such as with Miko under the name Oh, Yoko, and is involved in other individual projects with Mathieu Ruhlmann, Nicholas Szczepanik, Yui Onodera, Christoph Heemann, Corey Fuller, and Tomoyoshi Date. He recorded his deep and emotional soundscapes on many important records label such as Spekk, Infraction, Home Normal and Experimedia to name a few.
"In the winter of 2009, i spent two months living and working a short-term job in photography and surveying in South Alberta, Canada. Aside from the job, it gave me the opportunity to work further on " Without Retrospect, the Morning ", the final part of the water-themed trilogy of albums that included the previous releases Cursory Asperses and In Escaping Lakes. Some days the snow would be so heavy the sun would never show, and ice covered the windows in the mornings. The wind rushed up the banks of the nearby mountains, and whipped against the buildings. I had brought with me two Sony Tapecorder open reels, and a box of tapes of recordings from the past six months of piano and synthesizer. Using an endless delay system between the two open reels, i listened, layered, cut and pasted the tapes over time. Playing them out loud on the built-in speakers Tapecorder created a new type of texture, from combinations of the ice cold temperatures heated only by the room gas heater, reused tapes, and the decayed quality of the old speakers. After mixing and processing the tapes with microphone and contact microphone recordings of the ice, snow, and sub frequencies of the wind, the cracking and crunching sounds, both high and deep, seemed to appear naturally in the tape. The sub bass widened, and the mid range became thin and fragile.For more than two years the recordings remained untouched, until recently, now in Tokyo, they were mastered, and recorded to new tapes. The affects of the cold, the sudden sunsets through the snow, and the night winds still stay in my mind, like a soundtrack to those two months, not without their own songs of loneliness but with also beauty, sounds seeming like a siren, embracing every unchangeable and otherwise forgetful moment, even in the bitter winter." Will Long, October 2012.
Tracks List & info notes
Holdings of Electronic Lifts  [3:33]
A Small Rush into Exile  [5:14]
Dry and Disconsolate  [10:38]
Variorum of Hierophany  [4:31]
A Landscape Once Uniformly White  [7:38]
Distance and Mortality  [7:33]
With Some Effort, the Sunset  [13:10]  
Recorded in 2009-2011 by Will Long, in California, Mississippi, Alberta, and Tokyo Mastered August - September 2012 at Tatami Studios in Tokyo
Title 'Without Retrospect, the Morning' by Danielle Baquet-Long
Special thanks to Alessandro Tedeschi (Netherworld)
Cover Photo by Bjarne Riesto
Art Direction, photo manipulation and layout by Noah M/Keep Adding
a Glacial Movements  release, November 2012.
All rights reserved


RETINA.IT "Descending into crevasse"

‘Descending Into Crevasse’ moves with icy awareness through landscapes of elegant classical orchestration   BLEEP
Although they have never shied away from difficult music, this album is Retina.it’s most demanding record to date   THE MILK FACTORY

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Retina.it (Lino Monaco and Nicola Buono), is born in the first half of 90’s.This duo,placed near the Vesuvio (Naples), explored all the capabilities of analogic synths since the beginnings, developing an its own idea of sound. The undifferentiated manipulation of sounds extracted from modular and digital synths or objects/environment sound’s recording, leads this original duo to a continuos research of a sonic identity. Retina.it’s music has been released from labels such as Hefty records (Us) , Mousikelab (It), Flatmate/Storung ( Spain) and Glacial Movements (It). They have worked with different personalities of music business and visual arts, such as John Hughes, Marco Messina, Claudio Sinatti, Gabriella Cerritelli, Giorgio Li Calzi , Red Sector A. Moreover, the deep live-performing activity has led Retina.it to share important stages of International contest (such as Storung, Sonar...) with prestigious artists like Kraftwerk, Matmos, Telefon Tel aviv,T.A.G.C., Rechenzentrum , Oval, Noto, F. Bretschneider, Plaid , Apparat, Biosphere and many more. "Descending into crevasse" is a sort of metaphor. An ipotetic journey between the gorges of eternal ices, such as a travel inside ourself researching reassuring corners. A flux of muffled and confused memories, frosted in a wave moving like an algorithm.

Tracks List:
1. synth on axis* [09:51]
2.freezing the fourth string [07:59]
3. moonshine [07:22]
4. attrazione magnetica [12:26]
5. -32°F porcelain , metal & ice [05:32]
6. descending into crevasse [12:30]

written & produced by Retina.it (Lino Monaco, Nicola Buono)*
composed with Heidseck (Fabrizio Matrone)
Mastered by Denis Blackham @ Skye Mastering
Cover Photo by Bjarne Riesto
Art direction / Layout by Keep Adding